$20 in Cash – Ibotta Referral Code: XUHJW

Get the ibotta app / sign up here: https://ibotta.com/r/XUHJW

Get $20 Dollars Today!

Ibotta is currently giving a $10 welcome bonus to anyone that uses a referral code: XUHJW to sign up, and then redeems at least one rebate! If you also redeem the “Bud, Pepsi, and Tostitos” Ibotta rebate, you will get $10! Thats $20 total! You can continue to make $5 for referrals that also redeem a rebate! The Ibotta App is a great way to save money on everyday purchases!

How to redeem rebates: Click here


ibotta referral code: XUHJW - Bonus code


It’s VERY easy! Here are the steps:

For $10:

1. Get the app / sign up here: https://ibotta.com/r/XUHJW

Or use this referral code: XUHJW

2. Make sure you redeem at least one rebate ASAP!

For $10

3. Redeem the “Bud, Pepsi, and Tostitos” Ibotta rebate
*see the rebate for details

That’s $20 total!


*for cash, transfer money from ibotta app to paypal or venmo (it’s very easy). you can also redeem the money for gift cards at a long list of retailers.